The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger's And John Lennon's Introduction Of The Dirty Mac Lyrics

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(JL - John Lennon,MJ - Mick Jagger)

MJ : Winston,welcome to the show.
JL : Michael,it's a pleasure to be here

MJ : it's really nice to have you john.You know..
I've admired your work so long and..haven't been able to get together with you so much as I Wanted...

JL : it's not been my fault,michael..

MJ :(ahh!) Do you remember the old place off broadway?
JL : Oh..those are the days,I wanna hold you man.I remember that.I wanna hold you man..

MJ : John,I wanna talk to you about your new group,the Dirty Mac,that you got together for tonight's show.
Comprised of your self..

JL : My self,that's Winston Leg-Thigh,ypu know,and we got Mitch Mitchell from the jimi Hendrix Experience..

MJ : Are you really experienced?

JL : Oh very very.You've read My file.And we've got eric clapton from the cream,the late great Cream,michael.
MJ : Cream,fantastic.
JL : And we've got Keith Richards,your own soul brother
MJ : Dirty
JL : Great

JL : I'd Like to give you this,mike..
MJ : Thanks you John
JL : ...on behalf of the British public.
MJ : You are blues,john..You are blues,john..Yer Blues,john.

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