The Coffin Caddies Michael Lyrics

I Dream of Jack-O-Lanterns Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Armageddon's Here! (intro)
  • 2 Horror in Miami
  • 3 Monster Squad
  • 4 Zombies Ate My Neighbors
  • 5 Bleed
  • 6 We Are Venom
  • 7 Black-White-Red
  • 8 Zombiemania
  • 9 Ghosts
  • 10 Dreaming of Jack -O- Lanterns (interlude)
  • 11 I Dream of Jack -O- Lanterns
  • 12 Nightmares on Elm Street
  • 13 Michael
  • 14 Lock! Shock! Barrel!
  • 15 Poison Heart
  • 16 Skeletor Am I

  • I'm silent
    But I don't want to be
    Two tears, in this mask of insanity
    I kill but, its far beyond control
    Its cause demons, possessing my soul
    I'm violent!
    Oh yes, I tend to kill
    I hide in shadows
    And stalk you against your will
    What has become of me?

    Run Jamie! Run! (To the top of the stairs)
    Closed fists! Closed fists! (Grab a lock of her hair)
    Halloweens tonight! (You ain't going nowhere)
    Michaels in the shadows! (Come into the shadows)

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