Randy Newman Miami Lyrics

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There's a girl over there
With the rhythm everywhere
She's a very fine girl
And she's been awfully nice to me

When we walk
As we sometimes do
All the way out Collins Avenue
Well it's very very fine
Very very special

Gee I love Miami
It's so nice and hot
And every building's so pretty and white
And I always get into so much trouble
When I'm down there

I know these two old stiffs
Live on the Waterway
That's where I like to stay
When I'm down in Miami

Blue day
Best dope in the world
And it's free
Blue day
Put on your shorty shorts
And your Hawaiian shirt
And come down!

There's a man over there
With the conk in his hair
He's a very bad man
Don't look now
He's really very bad
And his name is Medina
And he comes from Argentina
See that little dog there with him
Well, he treats it just like it was his little boy

Oh, I love Miami
It's so hot
And the women down here
Are so impure
I love to hang around

The big hotels
And sleep in the sun all day
I know this double jointed guy
With the circus in St. Pete
He's with me now
He says hello
From 14th Street in Miami


Written by: Randy Newman
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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