Hollies Mexico Gold (Alexander/Campbell/Oerton) Lyrics

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Thought I'd take a trip down to the old world
'Cause I heard a lot of things about the North American girls
I was lookin' for a lady, someone to have my baby

So I got me on a 747 Pan American plane
I sat me down next to your all American dame
Said I'm going up North, she said it's a pity
Then she told me all about the gold down in Mexico City

*Oh, she said Lordy, Lordy, watch the blue smoke flyin'
And every mornin' and evry night to get you out of your head
(Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.....)
Oh, man oh, Lordy, Lordy needs a natural high
When you're livin' down south and it's goin' right out of your head
(Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.....)

Got off the plane, went to the customs and they gave me a list
Do you carry a gun, take drugs, or are you Communist?
They said my papers were in order
I wasn't stayin' long, no sir, I'm goin' South across the border

* repeat

Took the first South bound across the Rio and down
Found a little place in the small Mexico town
Just me and my lady, now she's havin' my baby

* repeat twice
Thanks to Masakatsu Yoshikawa / yt0302809@ytv.home.ne.jp for submitting Mexico Gold (Alexander/Campbell/Oerton) Lyrics.

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