Awkword Metal Music Lyrics

Feat. El Gant, ILL BILL, Tenacity and Blame One

Fallen angels speak the devil
They think I creep with the metal,
My metal music, I'm luscious, stupid
Mr. Incredible. Intangible animal
Let my mandible handle you
Trust I can't stand
You overstand the channel through
Jim Jimmy Janice Jessy, whole damn planet, dude
I repeat: my people sipping power and dance to it
That heavy metal shit, not for radio mellowness
Gone, awk your pill, never said it darn better with(?)
The master generates arrogant amateur rhetoric
We veterans, the boss with the vitamin benefits
Dirtbags and first class was due with this flirt bag(?)
In a megamind I coap after banging in Bagdad
I'm bad ass, with word play like Besty
I'm hogging and nogging the leather Ink like Lefty
You get knocked up, ha!, I'm the man like Wesley
I'm the awk reader, I'm never dead, like Pac and Presley


This is the heavy metal shit
Don't even meddle with
I keep the forgers
In case, yo, I gotta settle shit
You ain't a veteran, I got some medicine
Don't even act like you're tough
For me, you're better then(?)
And this ain't for the radio
Don't even play it, ho
The metal music, the lose it,
You know it's crazy, yo
This is how it's going down
Let off a hundred round
A better music, now can you hear the sound?

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