Quarashi Mess It Up Lyrics

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One, two, three, four.


Damn, what we gonna do tonight? Uh, let me think. How about we get our ass of this couch and get a drink. I'm fed up with doin' nothing, wanna get intoxicated. My mind n the kinda state won't remember the things I hated. I'm in. You with me? Of course. You on point? While you're fixing the drinks, I'll go and fix me a joint. Kid I lit it. Let me hit it. It's time for you to spit. Hold on a minute *mfff* that kicked. But I guess it's time for me to rock on (on) and I drop bombs (bombs), get my groove back like stella and tap of. Like a 360 I'll get a chica spinning on the floor, get her soft, you know me, you don't wanna know more. Thinkin' of every maneuver that I'm planning tonight, let her get down, hold my dick like I'm holding the mic. You get it? Yeah you know it, if meaning getting it on. Damn right, get a chica get mine and get gone.

[chorus x2]

Come on shorty, it's your birthday. We get naughty cause it's your birthday. We're gonna get it on tonight 'til it hurts ey. Come on and give me your lovin' girl 'cause you can trust me. Plus my oh my, girl you're fly. And why oh why would I pass you by. And even I'd ever let you go. I realized girl you ain't no ordinary ho (yo). Some say that hoes are like old cars, they're so driven. But I'm like who does it better, mean they do it for a livin. You agree? To get with 'em it's you that gotta pay. Fuck that, ain't made of money, I just wanna get laid. I play the field like Tiger, make my ways when I party. Ooh like lotti, dotti, where the fuck is everybody? Over there? Where? See 'em? With their hands in the air, ready to get down to it, in our party right here.

[chorus x2]

Can I get a hip? (hip) How about a hop? (hop) We taking it back, making the rap like we back on the block. Not giving a fuck, except to get them moaning a lot. We're here to rock, party and a... blowing the spot. We the first in, the last out, yo you know me. Down for whatever (uh huh) I'm Opee. Never loose it, play it cool, let the rhythm in control. Let the music run through my mind, body and soul.

[chorus x2]

We're driven by having fun we're drinking from dusk til dawn [x4]

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