Z-Ro Mercy (feat. Fakkulty & Taz) Lyrics

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(Verse 1)
Everybody finna die, by the hands of the dark angel of death
Snatching up breath, till it dips up your chest
How much pain, can I manifest
When I come to wreck, ripping through your flesh, techs
My killers you'll never see, invisible invisible are we
Unseen like ghosts, strike like infrared beams on toast
We smoke the most, but never boast the most
Our figgas unleash like ropes, around throats
Better fear the attack, cause we cloak in the image of smoke
Leaving motherfuckers broke like a key of dope, mercy
I know not a feeling, but the thrilling
Of the killing gets my adrenaline rushing
Never stopping, watching niggas dropping
More breaking blood gushing, I done opened the wounds
As I destroy cities with typhoons, and monsoons
Your doom has awaited, all your mercy's forsaken, time to die
Gotta get them all, every nigga finna fall when I kill them all
Found them up and ball some stomach punches
Yelling and running, K of dynasty coming

(Verse 2)
Merciless contender, Guerilla Maab member I be
It'd be an epidemy, hoes wanna get rid of me
Finna be found dead and deceased
This ain't no game, ain't a damn thing changed
Cause I came to bring the pain
Glock ass still fits, running on they head
While they bled, I rise up in chains
Hag in here, hag in here more deadly than anyone's intention
It had to be, more casualties
While I'm in more blemishes of fatal inflictions
Slice them up like a Wolverine, but I use a machete and a guillotine
Hard to stop like Akeem, I'm a goddamn dream
And now mark ass niggas, recognize my team

(Hook - 4x)
Murderer in me, I love to see you bleed

The murderous feeling, is killing your kin
And it tripping them niggas out, with a 4-5
Hit the ground with a thud, in a pot of bubblin blood
A bastard finna lose his life
Motherfucking nigga from Texas
Getting rid of them plexes, with a hand full of kicking your ass
And everybody better bow down
Cause I fuck around, and chow down on a nigga like beef with a bliss
With a tight 22's, AK-47, 3-57, Mac 11
Parl and a 25, bulletproof vest and a sharpened shank
Motherfucker your body gone stank, I'm flawless
Swanging and leaving them jawless
One of these niggas, are about to bleed
One in with the big dog, follow my lead
Developin my inner state with weed
Put it in the streets I'm a regular competitor
To the niggas, that don't want to act surely
Everybody wanna live, let the early bird get the worm
Better pray to God I score my bird early
Even though I be hanging with thugs
Giving mean mugs, and I do a lot of drugs till I pass out
When I smell a dirty rat, imma ball em my muthafuckin fist
I'm hullin they, motherfucking ass out
When I be stepping and pulling my weapon
I'm ready to go to war, with them niggas
That be stepping and pulling they big when fuckin around
It's going down, load the clip in the gun and I'm making them run
A gorilla nigga evermore buckin em down, but who was the nigga
That's talking down on me, really want me to get an attitude
I'm slapping patches up out the niggas, that thinkin my trigger
Won't be giving no automatic beatdown, but that's what I live for
No mercy

(Hook - 4x)

(Verse 4)
Walking the land of a wicked world
Looking down, up on my enemies in vein
With a mind full of deadly games and a perfect aim
Shooting to kill, putting holes in your frame, feeling no remorse
As deadly force overcomes my thoughts, so bare witness
To the relentless vengeance, intented for the victims of wickedness
I'm the hills of homicide, cause everytime I pull a weapon close
I can hear the sounds of bodies, from the victim to 17 deadly notes
Did you really believe, that you could plot on to sieve a nigga like me
I was born to murder the world, but killers and G's and evil deeds
It'll be a whole lot of fly bringing
South singing, if you run up on me the wrong way
I'ma be forced to pull a AK
Bust your ass in the head, when the lead spray
Bottom line, I'll knock you the fuck out
To a region in mouth and no time to shine
You been a victim of reincarnated man
Guerilla showing no mercy

(Hook - 4x)
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