Canaan Mercury Lyrics

A Calling to Weakness Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 To Those Who Cried
  • 2 Prayer for Nothing
  • 3 Warm Dust
  • 4 Everything You Say
  • 5 Scars
  • 6 Un ultimo patetico addio
  • 7 The Forever Passion
  • 8 Falling Again
  • 9 Grey
  • 10 The Fires in Me
  • 11 Essere nulla
  • 12 Submission
  • 13 Mercury
  • 14 Chrome Red Overdose
  • 15 The Ghosts of My Betrayal
  • 16 Frequency Omega
  • 17 A Last Lullaby
  • Drink this mercury
    from my open hands
    for I'm the breathing shadow
    that keeps us alive

    This grey sky turned to black
    so many times honey.....

    So stay with me tonight
    hold my hands tonight
    For I'm the smiling ghost
    that binds our hearts together

    Don't leave me tonight
    For I have mercury that burns
    Hold these hands of mine
    Kiss these lips of mine
    For I'm the mirror
    that never lies

    Stay with me tonight
    Die with me tonight
    The sky will turn to black
    for the very last time tonight

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