Candiria Mental Crossover Lyrics

the chambers exercised
I shall give you mourning
climate escalated
360 degrees of madness
words swell steep
evil of the dignities
eat the bread
furnace in the bowls
suffering the vengeance
marveled in the temptations
shineth in the strengths
crawl out the medium
atmosphere of thieves
inhabitants of illness
the things that shall be hereafter
clouds of black
rich in their destiny
the frost freezes over
the burdens
pour into oceans of madness
the religions broken
midst of the elders arise
gracious in all the slaughters
grotesque in size
whence thou art fallen. risen
mind over the matters
the matters
under mind
rear in what you sow
the colonies collide
in the depths
lower than
the lowest of life
swallow up the floods
dragons of nourishment
cum upon the seed
the blooming of disease
from the sack
of wanting needs
sperm of a thousand young

Surrealistic Madness Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Temple of Sickness
  • 2 Wind
  • 3 Elevate in Madness
  • 4 Infected Wisdom
  • 5 Toying With the Insanities
  • 6 Mental Crossover
  • 7 Observing Highways
  • 8 Pages
  • 9 Weep
  • 10 Red Eye Flight
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