Bilal Memories Lyrics

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I close my eyes to see you here,
Broke my heart to see you shed tears.
You told me you’d hide here without me, then with me
What happened to the last two years?

I remember moonlight conversations
Yeah, we just watch times fly.
With these broken promises we made,
Our kids will have my lips and they will have your eyes.

I remember catching jokes on the phone
Until we fell asleep,
And waking up in the morning, a text from you
The phone is still stuck to my cheek.

And what a hard time when we spoke about
How I tell you that about us,
You told me he’d be strict, I told you I’d be there,
‘cause frankly I was too much, not enough.

Was it all about love?
Or was it more about trust?
‘cause when the trust faded you left.
You were my air, so no I got to take deep breaths.

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