Painful Memories Memorial to Suffering Lyrics

Memorial to Suffering Track Listing
Cassette 1
  • 1 Memorial to Suffering
  • 2 Why?
  • 3 In My Tomb
  • 4 The Weeping of Unborn Children
  • 5 Rover of Sin
  • 6 No One Remains
  • The roaming is aimless
    Beeng uncertain is accompanied
    By loss of a vital power
    So We make them
    So We make the monsters
    Who are the results of our
    Morbid imaginations
    The fear, The fear
    Increases and gets stronger
    The fear, The fear
    It's fragile existence
    I've lost my Faith
    Going on my way
    How stupid-it all is a deception...
    We immortalize a Human Suffering, Suffering
    By our Deaths
    You suffer! Suffering!
    You suffer! Suffering!
    The Pain prevents from a fascination,
    Memorial to suffering

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