Pressure 4-5 Melt Me Down Lyrics

Burning the Process Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 These Hands
  • 2 Beat the World
  • 3 Melt Me Down
  • 4 Enough
  • 5 Dehydration
  • 6 Stares
  • 7 Pieces
  • 8 New Wave
  • 9 Even Worse
  • 10 Proven
  • 11 Into Yesterday
  • Born into fire
    No given shape no
    Sense of a beaten road
    Trained by our voices
    Given one choice it's
    Break the shell and move ahead
    Or eighteen dead and decided

    Melt me down
    Pour me out
    Into the mold
    But I'll break out

    Time is our magnet
    I'm sticking to it
    An iron-clad existence
    Is a prison in itself


    Have we all become molded
    Alive to the world
    But inside dead
    To be nothingâ?¦

    I'll break out
    I'll make it
    Yeah I'll make it
    Do it my way

    Born into fire
    No given shape or
    Chance to remain as we wish to be
    And that is freeâ?¦


    I will not become molded
    Allowed by myself to be nothing now
    I'll be nothing now

    Written by: Adam Jeffery Rich, Jake W Fowler, Joseph Schmidt, Lyle Patrick Mc Keany, Mark D Barry
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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