Abandon All Ships Megawacko Lyrics

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Even if it rains, and the sun won't shine, sun won't shine
Whatever the weather you'll be mine
All of this noise!
Distracts me!
Fear him now!
Let there be light!
Through the worst weather
I'll make sure we're together
When the sky begins to hail
We will prevail
The beauty in the eye of the storm!
Is where i stand when i feel your grace!
I forget about my pride, and my place!
Just take me from here!
OH! [x2]
When... the sky turns grey...
I'll pray for, a better day
A better day
Let's watch the rain fall
And wash away our innocence
In the clouds i hear the chorus sing
We are the herd and he is our sheppard!! [x2]
He whose without sin cast the first stone!
But, who are you to judge?!
Who are you to judge!?

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