Willie the Kid feat. The Alchemist , Action Bronson & Roc Marciano Medusa Lyrics

Masterpiece Theatre Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Opening Credits
  • 2 Shake Dice
  • 3 Halal Tuna
  • 4 Bad Mistake
  • 5 Medusa
  • 6 Gettysburg
  • 7 Let the Money Stay
  • Marvel at the marble
    Marble is Mahogany floor
    I need mosaic on a basic evasive
    Faces of Medusa what I'm used to complacent
    Shop Basilants or a point like a ...
    Hand made ceramic, antique standards
    Speaking Spanish, a patient man's antique
    Pomp this box in a lot behind the annex
    Base for the buffest, aliens upon my ammines
    She beggin me to trust her on the hand popping Xanax
    The money was the buffer that absorbed the most damage
    Unsaved, really not a scratch upon my armor
    Come and gimme, gimme Guatemala bitches
    We in the Guapelos, grab in my vodka
    Rock for this rocker toast o
    Humping hoes my humble abode
    Between stainless steel stoves
    Each dollar silver silver ware
    Dancing on these bitches
    Semi automatics in the valley
    Hustle more steam muscles
    Pay the mortgage
    Push money portraits, portions, gorgeous
    Scary like the mortuary terrace
    Heavy grudges like the rabies
    Rap rapper double chop ripper
    Lie from the pony
    Dangle like a bungee chord
    Horse four to my feet
    Undefeated undisputed, deeply wounded

    A yo this splint look like a shrimp with a shit
    Spend a grip with a drop top with the lid
    If I were black my ways would spin
    Were to fallow causing gray the chin
    Vocals got me all expenses paid
    Fly not a shorty style read in
    Got the bird auto follow
    My knife work like Hiroyuki Suzuki
    Vocals got me all expenses paid
    Fly not a shorty style read in
    Got the bird auto follow
    It' 10 AM and I'm already set
    10:30 I'll be up at my pigeon's house
    When it strikes noon, light the fluke
    Bite the fruit...
    Thinking them seconds I spilled soda on my shoe
    These are sharp, now I guess I gotta wear'em to the park
    While I'm shooting jumpers with the op

    ...until the Lord make a joyful noise
    My head embroider in the coins
    The gun and groins in his joint
    Helen of Troy, I'm a sex toy
    Mama's boy falling call convoy
    Annoy as an ass toy
    The brain bad boy laughed at joy
    Hoping at Utopia
    You bag and Cush seed
    Good foot spree and breeze
    The weed is appeased, victory ceased
    This please live with the disease
    Give me 20 feet like a center piece
    Look distinctive, the length that's a nigger drinking
    Slut 25 with lust to be fingered
    Look off the shot
    We've come to win the green man

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