ICP (Insane Clown Posse) Maybe/Soopa Lyrics

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Soopa Villians

Super flex, jet super sex, the Boogie Man bustin the bazooka necksm get wet the
Soopa Villians clock super checks, the Juggalo in me will break the bank and
your super necks

Its the Juggla jugglin', Juggalo thuggin' Thuggalo, scrub ninja, motha facko.
My axe I keep with me, creep with, I sleep with, sever skulls and creep with

The Southwest Strangler Super Plex, some bitch through the limo window, super
stretch. Now I wonder should I shoot ya next, with the super soaker, get ya
soaking wet

Juggaloly, Im aSoopa Villian, Im swinging my swords and Im all up on the
ceiling. Ima ninja, throw drop kicks, chop necks like Sabu, stab you, grab have
at you

Soopa Villians, making a super hero killing, fuck ya feelings. Ready and
willing any day I could blow, insane monkey like Mojo Joe Joe

Citizens dont talk to the FBI, cause that killa with the shank to ya neck be I.
Im quick to grab the diamonds, bag it, I love Batman, but Robins a faggot

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