Gazette Maximum Impulse (English) Lyrics

Ding-dong, my heart, ding-dong, is beating.
The symptom of outlawed action is dangerously hyper.
Ding-dong shaking excites my brain.
Buzzing in the ears, the ultrasound from hallucination
It's so kinky coke's effect.
The view gets wider and wider.
Cucumber devil is appearing on a tv screen.
It really works now, I cannot stop laughing.
Ding-dong, my heart, ding-dong, it's beating.
The reality of addiction strikes the body.
I know it, but it's the trap of coke.
It's ok if it's fun. upper's risky pogo dance
It's ok if I feel good. upper's risky yeah
The impulse and dream of teens to run until the body breaks does not stop???
It consents with the reckless thing however,
I continue wanting to run until I die???

Feeling is lost little by little surely singing even becomes impossible
Feeling is lost little by little I am gazing at the heavenly direction.

I won't regret even if I don't have tomorrow.
'√Ďause I got a lot of wonderful treasures.

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