Porter Wagoner Matthew 24 Lyrics

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Matthew 24

Verse 1

I believe the time is coming for our Lord to come again
I believe the end is nearing every door
I believe the good old Bible from beginning to the end
Just compare today with Matthew 24


We are living surely living in the days he speaks about
All these things we now are having every day
Let's be ready for his coming, let us meet him with a shout
For he tells us in his Word to watch and pray

Verse 2

While upon the Mount of Olives his disciples came to him
Saying tell us when these things are going to be
Jesus answered be ye watching let each one be free from sin
And take heed no man shall ever you deceive

Verse 3

Many wars shall come upon us when the end of time is near
Many earthquakes will be numerous in those days
All of these today we're having and in Matthew it appears
We should live our life for Him and sing his praise
Thanks to Evangelist Jacob Daniel White for submitting Matthew 24 Lyrics.

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