Marcos Hernandez Matta No Mo Lyrics

I like ur groove, u r, so cool, what would u do, if I stepped on up to you
Only tel me, its ne, u need, I fiend, for things, when ur bodys' next to me
Then we lock eyes, I start, to slide, over, to ride, every little thought in u mind
Touching a being, so real, to me, can we, go see, where this thing is going to lead

No one, matters no mo
Don't no body matta no mo
When, you, walked, thru, the, door
Don't no body matta no mo
I've, seen, no, dreams, like, u
Ever in my life b 4
What am I going thru
Don't know body matter no mo

She got, the legs, like beyonce, I just, might say, I ain't ready for ur jelly
You move, right here, i move right there, but do we dare, takin it on up in the air
Or we, can go, down to, the floor, shake what u know, baby can I get some mo
The time, is prime, to ask, the line, "I'm kinda tired, would u like to take a ride?"


Are u mine to do what I wanna do all damn night
Take ur time, u ain't gotta hurry just to know me right
Let me step up to bat I promise u won't regret it
Any way, I can pleasure u to make u wanna stay

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