Haujobb Maternal Instinct Lyrics

Homes & Gardens Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Haujobb's State
  • 2 Maternal Instinct
  • 3 Yearning
  • 4 Eye Over You
  • 5 Final Race
  • 6 Kilo-Cycle Respirator
  • 7 Tame
  • 8 Slugbait
  • 9 The Flood
  • 10 Homes & Gardens (MY-1)
  • 11 Skull Fission
  • 12 Mediaeval
  • "We deal in substance by extreme prejudice"

    i walk (NOTE: not right)
    potential disorder
    demoralized forces
    anti research
    control from beginning
    <?rst> glance DNA
    an object known to save

    "We deal in substance by extreme prejudice"

    events supposed to cease
    unborn genetic fingerprints
    events supposed to cease

    slaying in <b?k> events
    a bright motion desires
    ? ? <?rty> life
    a lone enemy sounds
    mirror shakes apart
    <rug rats/progress> of your life
    of your life!

    protect the words
    be silenced
    be silenced

    "??? how, Jobe?"

    "I fucking lived, heh heh heh"

    (gets tricky)
    right eva?lindar stress
    escalating ? ? ? solitude <?ly> <?keh>
    useless mortal remains
    extradition to another absolution
    fragile ? <step?> grounds
    volunteer involuntary
    events supposed to cease
    be silenced
    events supposed to cease
    be silenced!
    be silenced!
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