Last Perfection Match, Lights, Schematics Lyrics

the straight forward stares of nine million empty faces / amputated hands from their wrists so they can never grab at the sky / and i fucking hate you / the way you never feel satiation / the mouths are full but the mind is weak / so please distract with useless toys / like thousands of tiny little time bombs ticking / the man with no face onctinues to dig circles around his eyes that still take no shape / a funeral procession of fake rubber dolls marches the cirty streets / staring at the walls / you will take it to the grave / this education / never live it down this humiliation / educate / humiliate the simple minds with simple plans / an endless line that begins at the factory doors / everyone with their hands cupped / thanking the creator for the little bits they think they own / unaware that the world is collapsing all around them / because their only concern is their self-absorbed Lego kingdoms / and ideas of a perfect sitcom life / match / light /watch them burn / and you know the sun could never be bright enough for you / as long as there are still stars left in the sky for you to grab / with greedy hands / numb to the burn of emptiness

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