Unbunny Massachusetts Lyrics

Fission Romance the West Track Listing
  • 1 Broken Pieces
  • 2 Who Needs the Light?
  • 3 Texas
  • 4 Massachusetts
  • 5 You Always Fall Asleep Before I Do
  • 6 Oregon
  • 7 Downtown Ruxton
  • 8 This Time of Year
  • 9 We Won't Divide
  • 10 Thin Sable Luv
  • 11 I Hate Air
  • 12 My Hometown
  • 13 Scene From a Famous Movie
  • massachusetts
    it's the place where i was born
    in a mill town
    in the middle of a storm
    in the statasphere
    there's a little ball of light
    it comes down into the earth
    when condistions are just right

    i was laying in the giant tiled brim
    i was arching out
    to the sockets on the wall
    while recharging
    we all began to spin
    did i mention that this room was very cold and
    very big?

    in california
    there's a building
    twice the size as this
    and inside there is a lazer
    that fires for a billionth of a second
    with an output that equals all the country's generators
    if we turn them all at once
    and what it's going
    is reinacting
    on a smaller scale
    what's taking place every second of every year
    up on the sun
    or any star
    or in massachusetts

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