GBH Mass Production Lyrics

From Here to Reality Track Listing
  • 1 New Decade
  • 2 Trust Me I'm a Doctor
  • 3 B.M.T.
  • 4 Mass Production
  • 5 The Old School of Self-Destruction
  • 6 You Don't Do Enough
  • 7 From Here to Reality
  • 8 Dirty Too Long
  • 9 Destroy
  • 10 Just in Time for the Epilogue
  • 11 Don't Leave Your Honey Down the Pits
  • 12 Moonshine Song
  • Was it you who took the money,
    to the land of milk and honey ?
    Your past is catching up on you,
    put it on a conveyor belt.
    The chips are down, the cards are dealt,
    you won't be calling trumps no more.

    Everone's getting decent,
    and that's what I regret.
    Don't want no mass production,
    don't want no mass production blues.

    I believe in quality,
    liberate the quantity.
    Not like battery hens in a cage,
    the self-help seekers soldier on.
    They won't stop 'till the war is won,
    got no industrial spies 'round here.

    One a penny, two a penny,
    blocking up all the roads.
    One a penny, two a penny,
    trucks are ditching their loads.
    Piling 'em here, piling 'em there,
    blocking out the light of the sun.
    One a penny, two a penny,
    and that's just about as cheap as they come.

    Your brand new name ain't no good,
    I never ever thought it would.
    Just another snake in the grass,
    your cheapskate brain waves schemes,
    are just a fantasy of your brains,
    wake up it's the 20th Century.

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