Battlelore Mask of Flies Lyrics

I am here beside you, its all you´ve got
In your grief and pain, no one else to trust
You can not feel it, it is too close
You can not see it, your eyes are closed
Your senses low, your body cold
Inside you head, the flies and the worms
I am here beside you, in your bliss and fame
Dragging you back, beyond the silent trail
You did not see from where it came
When it laughed, started the game
Amongst the others, called your name
Inside you head, the flies and the worms
You are the mightiest, above them all
You iron will, makes them crawl
You have the power, the words of the wise
But it all comes behind, the mask of flies
Sometimes I hope I drown, let it go and fade away
Fall a sleep whit a shelter, and never wake up again
Step aside and leave the signs, save them for another day
I am too weak, I can not fight, but I am still awake

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