A Tribe Called Quest feat. Rah Digga Mardi Gras at Midnight Lyrics

The Jam EP Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Jam
  • 2 Get a Hold
  • 3 Mardi Gras at Midnight
  • 4 Same Ol' Thing
  • [Produced by The Ummah]

    [Verse 1: Q-Tip]
    African-American with the power, just tapped in to the cultural gin
    That be swallowin our minds, whole, but yo bust it
    Empty ass rappers get me fueled and disgusted
    Can't even kick a rhyme about yourself properly
    Listen man I'll show you why you ain't toppin me
    Epitomy of levelheadedness
    Whose concern is how ill I come off and how that ill that I dress
    I don't, hit you with a whole bunch of bullshit
    On the microphone I keep my prose fluid
    Speakin to them people in a Tongue that's Native
    Not with an ego that's anti-creative
    Conscious to the fact that I'm a talented lad
    Make your move at a jam and feel better when sad
    Hey, "Assalamu Alaikum" to them firm true believers
    Hope yall pretty good as the message reciever
    Cause yo we got to take things in-to our own hands
    And be aware of these dangerous, plentiful lands
    That we exist within and combat and shake on
    But do it over Tribe because Tribe is the bomb
    We get through, especially if you got my back
    The Abstract use machete cuttin down on slab
    And we do it like this, rarely do we miss
    Catch you in the chest with an eagle claw fist
    And back you, get it two by four and she'll lack you
    Tip you only find a nigga now that out raps you
    Or gets at you, and insists that you do it
    Cause you make it smooth and you make it like fluid

    [Chorus: Q-Tip

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