Elvenking March of Fools Lyrics

I look around myself I'm feeling like a stranger to this world.
Where are the friends once I got (as) I used to know?
No trace of common sense, a dash of a normal sanity.
I wonder: "Are they all mad? ... or is it me?"

Thousands years have passed
And nothing gonna change
Marching the plains as loud
As hell they're coming
Drawn up in lines, proud their eyes,
The army of the fools
Ruling the thrones, it conquered and won

I'm getting older,
Maybe I don't recognize I'm yet too old
For all this mind-blowing fair of insanity
When I was a kid I promised to myself I'd never grow up.
But now wiser a bit I can see!


Follow me, don't promise to be
What you never had thought you'd have wanted to be.
Tell me I'm wrong but I follow myself.
And the dreams that I've lived since I was born


Written by: Aydan F
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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