Camel Manic Lyrics

The Single Factor Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 No Easy Answer
  • 2 You Are the One
  • 3 Heroes
  • 4 Selva
  • 5 Lullabye
  • 6 Sasquatch
  • 7 Manic
  • 8 Camelogue
  • 9 Today’s Goodbye
  • 10 A Heart’s Desire
  • 11 End Peace
  • One day I'm up next day I'm down,
    I run from duck to dawn.
    The paranoia seizes me
    The nightmares carry on.

    I'm looking on the bright side
    You're looking on the wrong side
    You really don't know which side
    A devious dream in my mind.

    But there is no way out and yes
    The die is casting thin
    Between the line and razor edge
    They crystallize the end.

    I'm looking on the dark side
    You're looking on the outside
    You'll never know what's inside
    A face to erase what you find

    I know what I'm doing
    I'm feeling so fine now
    Sorry I worried you.
    Thumbs up truly,
    I'm okay I though today
    I haven't had a drink for, say,
    An age, and yes I'm feeling fit
    A day in which I'm never sick
    With both ends on the candle lit.

    There is no way out and
    I can never be my friend.
    The enemy I fear is me,
    So where does it all end.

    Written by: Andy Latimer, Susan Hoover Latimer
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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