Smashing Pumpkins Mama Lyrics

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Mama, you're on my mind
You're a stitch inside my coat
Play on the world's grand design
I think you know
I think you're sure that you know that
Butterflies don't get old

And I don't get so young anymore
What a crime
The big ideas
And lost ideals, it's a show
I must appear in control

The show at all
They're burning books outside of
What was it that you said?
to the walls
Oh, Let the spirit gather up and
Set us a flame for

Year to year, there's no one here but us crooks
What a crime
Are ears to the ground and the fingers on the pulse of a pain
Oh it's worse than change.

What is it that they want?
Oh what do they want with us
And all of our abuse of the truth
Oh whats the use to protest

Mama, is only you
You're a dancer from the mirrors of
Lie and with restraint
This quiet warmth
I've got my faith restored by the sway of the trees
That sway in time to one last rhyme of a curse
But what it's worth
I count you out and still you count me in
To answer your final bell
what do they care about us
They knock and knock
But no one's homes
We're bored and we're not alone
Thanks to Josh Thebarge for submitting Mama Lyrics.

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