Never Shout Never Malibu Lyrics

I hit rock bottom before I met you,
My heavy heart had hit the floor,
As I observed your smile it's
Taking you a while,
To understand that I ain't foolin' around,
When I say you look your best
Without your make up on
The universe threw me for a loop,
When we locked eyes I knew that I
Wouldn't stop until I had you,
Don't let bitter words from childish
Tongues keep your feelings on the ground,
Let's spread our broken wings and
Celebrate in this new love we found,
It goes to show you when you're
Ready for love, it will find you
Just like you found me,
Recovering from an overdose,
California off the coast and Malibu.

Written by: Christofer Drew
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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