Common feat. Cee‐Lo Make My Day Lyrics

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The sun is shining brighter cause you really make my day
You really make my day
Oh oh oh
Yeah I think I like her cause she really makes my day
Yeah she really makes my day
Oh oh oh

(Oh oh oh) see her on the beach she was wrappped in a towel
Her body's going down see her *** crack to smile
Enjoying the nile (woo) take it the breeze
Or some cat a mouse
And she was the cheese on the sun keys
Yeah on a conversation
California dreaming now California-cation
Said she had drinks in the coller and I had an inventation
If I wanted I could brewer this is just an indication on
How cool she was
A couple of chicks came
Groupie love
They ain't want no pictures
I'm think damn damn that's really cool because sometimes
I wanna to chill sometimes the best things in life are not even planned
Came to the sand and got more than a tan
Baby girl I'm a man
And we can do this my way
Take a ride on the highway and pretend that it's Friday


(Oh)she was at a bar-b-que
Pretty painted nails she took off her shoes
Grammar school
Sipping on some l thinking man she's cool
Sun smiling on her hair
Playing spades and we can be a pair
I love it when it's sunny girl
You could be my?
Independence day and freedoms in the air
Dance and danced away yo
Showing stepping like a tango
Like me, got me
Sweet as icy spicy
Drip from my lips
We can do something hip
Trip around the world in a day
Play phonia a

[Chorus: x2]

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