AZ Make Believe Lyrics

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He's double, he's hot, he's not
If jewels got popped in, p**sy on the low,
Never did a pity just started getting dough,
Niggas know clothes can't camouflage swag,
Government's fine got cameras on the .. should have said
Niggas went from polo to the class to them pretty skinny jeans
Might as well being ..gotta left
You lie, that ain't lie no more,
Everybody wanna ball get high on talk
Some saidy a fresh, still fly no floss,
Just speaking on me, just don't speak MC
Speak about bros, how a nigga gange
Street affiliated how we playin low key
So please let it be 'cause your cold play me

Living in a world I'll make believe
Motherf*ckers better cut it out

So soon .. I guess he can fool you
As he .. he creepin a new blue
Used to spend paper in Jacob and he through
Whip from rocking hoodie in breaking
He cool, .. he fool
Few by water and .. to be rule,
See chews, see bad but she use
A hood boy, but she get bowl when we duse,
So he lose, he can cooping the three ..
Like we do so he got a truth her to be true,
Fake beans, niggas front and say peas,
Can't wait .. dealers, too late ..
Straight street, he lying but
he pops off In front of the priest then playing ..
different .. so f*ck you Eminem 2

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