MC Lars Make a Friend on 27th Street Lyrics

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I draw this comic and I honestly promise
I never thought my characters would come alive I was astonished
When they first started talking well I thought I was insane, yo
It was not a game, no, they came out the frame so quick
That's when I tried to run from Truman the Human
'Cause he was having too much fun
All naked in my face in the yard chewing gum
Jumped out the panel modern day Robert Crumb
Ducked down the alley it was MC Chaucer
Chilling with Ophelia I thought I lost her
My car wouldn't start, I'm like "What is this?"
Francis the Monkey had put my keys up in the fridge
Saw a jungle cat in the dorm room, needed more room
Fish Boy laying eggs they were warm dude!
Computer science bear was not about world kindness,
I'm just trying to get out!

Make a friend on 27th Street
(You can always make a friend,
You can always make a friend, you can always)
Make a friend on 27th Street
(You can always make a friend,
You can always make a friend, you can always)

This place that I come from called 27th Street
Isn't where you want to be at all,
There's a rat named Harold and he's always getting naked
Stealing juice from the shopping mall
Baby Jerry's eating Skittles in his bowl
With the Frosted Flakes talking trash to his mom
Take a look cause it seems the American Dream
On this street's gone wrong, this song
Is about a place you don't want to go, no!
Old Man Wormsly is crawling real slow
And what about Toad? Well it's awkward yo!
Luigi's so impatient he can't wait for him to go
Got pancreatic cancer, God d___!
At the funeral he's making love to another man
Diagnosed by an animal hater named Dr. Felix
Tossing puppies and kittens out of his '97 Buick
On 27th Street, please please help me
Cause the toons that I drew well they're evil I can see
So I grabbed the eraser, no lie!
You scary cartoon characters you're all going to die!
Why you gotta be up in my grill?
Why you gotta make me wanna kill?
Who needs enemies when you got friends like these
Well at least I can draw a new scene like "Peace!"


You can always make a friend who will be there 'till the end
On 27th Street, where? On 27th Street, there on 27th Street.

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