Phoebe Snow Majesty of Life Lyrics

Never Letting Go Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Love Makes a Woman
  • 2 Majesty of Life
  • 3 Ride the Elevator
  • 4 Something So Right
  • 5 Never Letting Go
  • 6 We're Children
  • 7 The Middle of the Night
  • 8 Electra
  • 9 Garden of Joy Blues
  • Oh, majesty of life, please don't escape me.
    It's getting later and the window shades are drawn.
    I'm not the best that I could be
    But I'm trying to wait and see
    What can happen to a girl in her hometown

    Oh, the wilderness
    The unmade bed
    The aching head
    And oh the greying afternoon
    The diary that ends too soon

    Oh sweet belief in love, I know you're somewhere
    No love is perfect but a true one must exist
    It's getting farther down the year
    I hope my autumn eyes will clear
    And let me recognize his soul
    When we have kissed

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