Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards Mainlining Murder Lyrics

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well don't touch me baby your finger tips they feel like pins across my skin
just light another cigerette so i don't regret inviting you over
well don't hold my hand or i'll punch your face i'm a hungry rat in this hole i waste
thers no blood to taste in this awful place
i'm mainlining murder
mainlining murder baby

i'll creep in your room when your not there i'll creep in your head i'll creep in your bed
and your walls will be stained with the blood that you bled i cut you open
well i'll roll your pieces in a shower curtain and then
when it's all said all said and done and we've had some fun yeh me and you
i'm mainlining murder

i'm mainlining murder baby
i want you to bleed

mainlining murder baby
mainlining murder baby
you broke my heart i dug you a ditch and now i'm c**ing after you you dirty b****
i'm gonna murder you

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