White Zombie Magdalen Lyrics

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Hey, Miss Magdalen girl sympathy mind hey, Miss Magdalen girl power. Power off,
yeah grant a flesh show meek inherit nothing but death song queen sex go-go
moving like a bad dream promised so long ago blessed art thou among women is
this easy come is thi s easy go mingled with fear you get what you wish wish wish
wish wish Gabriel get out this is my Nazareth wicked joy trembling town wicked joy
be a raging machine chosen worthy to explode a king a king king king king king
king king king drilling down deep inside heartache tests the pain girls on the bar
swing around danger does the sam Magdalen Magdalen Magdalen Magdalen peace grants
suspicious crashing like some animals southern terror claws scream "How can this
be?" Mary, Mary sex machine Mary. Mary r aging on beat, beat beat girl this is
what you need this is what you need now now now

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