Bob Schneider Madeline Lyrics

Lonelyland Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Metal & Steel
  • 2 Big Blue Sea
  • 3 Jingy
  • 4 Bullets
  • 5 The World Exploded into Love
  • 6 Round & Round
  • 7 Moon Song
  • 8 Madeline
  • 9 Tokyo
  • 10 Under My Skin
  • 11 Blue Skies for Everyone
  • 12 Better
  • 13 2002
  • 14 Oklahoma
  • 15 The King of the World
  • 16 The World Passes You By
  • 17 The Grave of Senior Corizo
  • I've been out
    On my own for so long
    I can feel the cold wind
    Wearing me down
    I'm blowin away
    And lightning strikes me
    There's a whole lot of craziness
    In this town
    Inside this head of mine
    It's getting scarier
    And harder with time
    Met a lover
    Put my money on the long shot
    Came out smelling like a dog
    And not feeling so hot

    I'll take anything that you've got
    Anything you've got
    Just save me from myself

    Gas station prophet
    Kept giving me the sign
    Saying tell it like it is
    Lay it on the line
    This simple life
    Holds no reason
    You play the game
    And turn the dial

    Alligator shoes
    Tarantula breath
    It looked good on paper (in the darkness)
    Now it's scaring me to death
    I'm all wrung out
    And nowhere to go
    Feel like a second string

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