King Louie Made Music Lyrics

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Made shit man
Just make it
Cause I can make it
I made it because I may
You feel me?
Made niggers clown that bitch
Roll up, roll up, roll up

Ever since young and I've been made
Get it on your own and you need none
I've been growing but I live young
Forever I rap boss with no rhymes on
All about my money I'm hands on
Instangram to see what the fans on
Cause you niggers I may put hands on
Patient bout it two get that man gone
Devil is a liar I know that
But sins kept me with a dough rap
My mama need some help let her hold that
I feel like I'm my man
Imma old bitch
My uncle Goe understood me
Heard me where I think I should be
But 6 feet where I could be
I hustle cause hell she need me
Love to see daddy on TV
Probably rocking girls as Breezy
Day 1 I ain't been a dummy
Patient cause the money is coming
Fast money it keep coming
My niggers take lives on Sunday
I live like everybody go that one day
Every day to me is that one day
I spend money fats I can't die with it
Pitching really shit but I hit it
And he was ok till them shots hit'em
It's really fucked up how them shots get'em
Fuck niggers get what they got coming
He tried to shoot back he died drumming
I ain't back here I'm here foursome
I'm with three bitches foursome
And I'm off the sis I need more gum
To me these rap niggers is horrible
I spit that real shit to do drugs to
Let the drugs do what the drugs do
Closed casket what the nugs do
The good die young on being back
Everyday moiré love is we checking backs
My niggers popping on cause they pay for glam
These came back cause the base is glam
Cruising in the foreign while facing gas
No destination just wishing gas
Make go get your chick for some face...
They wait for fuck niggers they make me mad

Bitch acting phony don't make me bread
I repeat my homies I miss the niggers
Free all of my homies I miss them niggers
Double fuck a snitch off a bullet hit him
He grind to fast bullets catching
That nigger was shocked when them bullets met him
Niggers slick this was some bullet settle