Kay Hanley Made in the Shade Lyrics

Cherry Marmalade Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Fall
  • 2 This Dreadful Life
  • 3 Satellite
  • 4 Chady Saves the Day
  • 5 Sheltering Sky
  • 6 Princely Ghetto
  • 7 Made in the Shade
  • 8 Faded Dress
  • 9 Happy to Be Here
  • 10 Galapagos
  • 11 Mean Streak
  • 12 Transā€Neptunian Object #1

  • Walk out the door
    Turn around
    Pick up the phone
    Put it down
    Your voice gets so disappointed
    And I don't want to hear that sound
    Said the queen bee
    Get thee back
    And trampoline me to the right track
    I said I'm sorry
    And I can't say it any better than that
    Every moment gets replayed
    And recreated in my head
    I go back to all the perfect things
    I wish I would have said
    I'd be made in the shade
    Fantastical sweet surprise
    Maniacal was my demise
    It left me standing
    With a solar landing in my eyes
    Said the queen bee
    Everything's wrong
    So go ahead
    And get along
    But first do your worst
    I got my best happy ending face on
    Every moment gets replayed......
    If you're having trouble understanding what I mean
    What I've been meaning to say
    Is we've got to call our own armistice day
    And if it's all a circle
    Everything to me's a circle
    I'll just cover my eyes
    And when I cover my eyes
    I miss the parade
    Said the queen bee
    Take it back
    Every moment gets replayed.....

    Written by: Daniel Petty, Michelle Robin Lewis, Kay Hanley
    Lyrics © Walt Disney Music Company

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