Antithesis Mad Poet Lyrics

Dying for Life Track Listing
  • 1 Soul of Ice
  • 2 Consequence
  • 3 Deceiver Within
  • 4 Distanced
  • 5 Times of Trial
  • 6 Mad Poet
  • 7 Politicide
  • 8 Dying for Life (Limbo, Part 2)
  • 9 Netherworld
  • The poet sits and twists the meter 'round
    And in the glare you'd swear his smile was a frown
    And Hermes there, he stares as the pages grow
    And all are left to fend for their own

    There was a time when he was in command
    Now it seems that he is quite mad, so sad
    There was a time when he was in demand
    But now it seems that he is quite mad

    The Titan took a look with leer
    As Cronos split the world with a fear
    Icarus has flown, he knows he is not alone
    As Aries waits with hate upon his fiery throne

    Do you now believe it?
    There he is, the mad poet
    Another page like the one before

    Loki tricks his brother Thor
    As he turns the metaphor
    Odin makes the thunder roar

    The Incubus doesn't know which way to go
    The Succubus entices her weary foe
    And Hera, in her spiteful way, allows Hades to claim the day

    When he looks at what he has done he throws hie feathered quill away
    No more wine, no more rowdy songs
    The bell tolls to claim its pawn

    When does a man begin to live again?
    When he is just a step away

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