Copywrite , Surock & Bloodstain Machismo Lyrics

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Whats'up you fucking balls
This the bust how stay in lane
And I'm here chill my Ace and rock
Giving a piece of shit your girlfriend
Man I'm tired of this fucking lamarios trade out and iside of these
This rapping have that fucking Daniel rule on ordinal
Before you met mister Meyogy, get a lil pussy
Pill pure shit, I rather listen to doctor Covocain under the empty ones
Listen to this shit from now our days
Matter off fact you know what I rather listen to 'banging Joe Ribbens
Listen to his fucking trash how the danger wash 'garbage
Turn it droll in his puzzle and get fucking side at the end
Ninety six pieces, start being a fucking cop
Can't get your fucking dirty hands man
Rise your own fucking waves
My cheese won't be at that level 'on some fucking prime
Ninety eighty nine with the model and take shit
How's the fucking arrogance?
Catch me between your girls legs and '
Laying pipe like super model'
Bust stay in lane, 107 on yout 66 6's
Respect the fucking shutter, piece to my boy
And we out of here, queens and the fucking building
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