Mac Dre Mac Dre'Vious Lyrics

It's Not What You Say... It's How You Say It Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Wolf Intro
  • 2 Have You Eva
  • 3 Bleezies-N-Heem
  • 4 Sex, Drugs, Rap
  • 5 Livin' It
  • 6 So Hard
  • 7 Iz Real
  • 8 Mac Dammit & Friends
  • 9 Always Inta Somethin'
  • 10 Chevs & Fords
  • 11 Take Yo' Panties Off
  • 12 Mac Dre'Vious
  • 13 Hold Off
  • 14 Bonus Track
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    [Miami Talking]
    Where you going Mac Dre'vious?
    What is his name? What is his other name though?
    The guru of pimpin'.. Mac guru mo' gimpin'
    The guru of pimpin'

    [Mac Dre]
    As I walk through the crowd I could hear necks snappin'
    I here voices saying "Oh gee, He rappin'?"
    Its mackin' funky fresh in the flesh
    You might see me in the traffic rolling SS
    Or GS Excursion or Navi,
    Or maybe Range Rovin' perkin' with some ???
    Its daddy recruitin' hoes that love goosin'
    Robbin' and shootin', indulged in prostitution
    I'm goosin', juicin' and game inducin'
    To claim restitution, I ain't got no suits and
    Quit mother goosin' this ain't no story
    I'm a cutthoat pimp fighting for my glory
    It's me, MD, bitch follow me
    And we can get paid like dick swallowing
    Bada bing bada bang, it really ain't no thang
    I'm deep in this game, and you a freakyness dame
    So we can exchange the pimpin' for the hoe-in
    Baby you ain't knowin' the top is where I'm goin'
    There's no one that could ever do it better
    I gets my cheddar, mozzarella or whatever..
    Or whatever, the earth is my turf
    Where I roam is my home, cutthoat rolling stone
    Catch me with ladies in a fuckin' Mercedes
    Countin' fetti while I'm sucking on tetties
    I dress eighties, keep it old schoolish
    So shut the fuck up nigga and let me do this
    Who this? Oh its you
    You got ??? for me baby bring it with that other two
    I'm blinging and because of you, I live Lav'
    Everything I want is everything I have
    It's the lifestyle of the sav' and lavish
    Girl money makes the world twirl, I'm having cabbage
    Kick back relax let me bust one mo'
    I'm a gun slinger partner I do a gung ho
    Got a dumb flow, keep more than one ho
    It's Mr. Hicks in the mix nigga hear me in the gumbo
    Run ho, your squares a box
    And I'm a thug, the kind of guy that will swear to your pops
    I fled from the cops, and sold rocks in my past time
    And jack fools straight faced with no mask I'm
    A cutthoat, I don't have to prove it to ya
    I'll leave ya ass up with buckshots movin' through ya
    I'ma do ya like you never been done
    Have you screaming "I need bullets hurry up run"

    [fades with Miami talking]

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