The Fall MERE PSEUD MAG ED - Live Version Lyrics

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His heart organ was where it should be
His brain was in his arse
His hand was well out of his pocket
His psyche is in the hearth

Has a sneer which was weird
Some time ago
Heard Kraftwerk in '81
Has a WASP synthesizer

A real male, make-up as well
WASP synthesizer
Didn't get far
In computer teaching job
His dream girl sings adverts for Renoir perfume
A fancied wit that's mere imitation of D. Bowie
in "Man Who Fell to Earth"

Whose causes and rags were phoenix-like
They were vaudevillian-like
They were comfort blanket-type
Do-do in fact
Pho-do in fact
Photo impact

He had a weak pisser
And one night at darts match
Decadent sandwich quaff
He showed he was a big fan of double-entendre
Saw "Man Who Fell to Earth" "History of the World"
"Man Who Fell to Earth" "History of the World, Part One"
twice each at least twice each at least twice each

Mere pseud mag editor's father

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