Ultramagnetic MC’s MC Champion Lyrics

Funk Your Head Up Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Introduction to the Funk
  • 2 Intro
  • 3 MC Champion
  • 4 Go 4 Yourz
  • 5 Blast From the Past
  • 6 Funk Radio
  • 7 Message From the Boss
  • 8 Pluckin’ Cards
  • 9 Intermission
  • 10 Stop Jockin’ Me
  • 11 Dolly and the Rat Trap
  • 12 The Old School
  • 13 Bust the Facts
  • 14 Murder and Homicide
  • 15 You Ain’t Real
  • 16 Make It Happen
  • 17 I Like Your Style
  • 18 Bi-Lingual Teaching
  • 19 Poppa Large
  • 20 Moe Love on the 1 and 2
  • 21 Porno Star
  • 22 The P.M.R.C. ID
  • 23 Chorus Line, Part 2
  • And now
    Your MC Champions, Ultramagnetic

    [Spoken word]
    I am sealing off the dimensional window
    Closing the hole in the fabric of the cosmos like a scar

    [Ced Gee]
    Ah yeah
    One two, one two
    This is Agent Bless Ced Gee
    Ultramagnetics in full effect
    We in here dropping freestyle rhymes like MC Champions
    So Keith, take it away

    [Kool Keith]
    Power compactor, brain distractor
    Dropping a bomb right in your anal connector
    Sector, vector, the lyric inspector
    X-Ray vision, power perfector
    Lecktor, Megator, Igor
    Ah yes yes y'all, and you don't stop
    The rhythm the drop the hit the top to make ya swing or pop
    As I flow, pick up the micro-
    Phone get hypotension is original
    Lyrical miracle, back to attack one
    Black one, white one, green one or blue one
    Colorful street rhymes, I'm back to do one
    Or two of you, three of you, or four of you
    Five or six or seven, eleven of you
    Wack MCs get back in the last line
    And wait on the mic, you think I'm ready to pass mine
    Up in the roach hand, with clever ability
    I know when to sting a brain, just like I'm a killer bee
    Hitting em hard with the rhyme as the flame grow
    Hardcore, softcore, and even the rainbow
    Polka-dot MC's, African, Indian
    Spanish-American, mixed with Panamanian
    Arabian Nubian, speaking Siberian
    Japanese, Chinese, and regular MCs
    Preachers, teachers, and negative creatures
    I roll and kick a rhyme, you grab your mic back
    Sidewind and rattle like a snake I strike back
    I chew your brain and, the monkey behind you
    Your company management, the dummy who signed you
    To pick up the slack but the hype ain't selling many
    Records and tapes cause your rap ain't telling any
    Metaphor phases, think that amazes
    Me, the next man, no biter but innovator
    With lyrical instinct, you look like a duplicator
    Bite my style, nibbling on the big jock
    With rhymes so tight, they keep your brain in a headlock
    Count the one two three four five
    I'm like The Bushwhackers tag-teaming your dome
    I'm just a champion

    [Ced Gee]
    Ah yeah, yo Keith, bust this
    I got some freestyle rhymes too
    I'mma warm up, then I'mma get deep
    Bust it, check this out

    Yo, poetic genius, kicking metaphor
    Ced Gee is the big boss, making it better for
    A pile of them, MCs again, I'm ragging them
    So listen up my friend
    I'm rapping to manifest, people so blind I guess
    Type of hype I select, when I rap come correct
    My mic is on, and it's loaded, and it's lethal
    Here's a dose, a taste of my potential
    My super menu winds you bends you sends you
    To watch a brother like me, continue
    Out on the warpath, flashback, sit back
    Kick back with that, dope rap attack
    Those that can't rap, with that weak rap
    Need to get back, and just to add to that
    Fact, with words from the knowledge tip
    My rhymes are swift, I have the gift
    Like hocus-pocus, Ced Gee, and I'm still on
    My mic is loaded with rhymes that flame on
    Now you know just what I am creating
    We call it mega funk, a plan stating
    I'm verbally passing, rhymes are outlasting
    Waxing and smashing and kicking more ass and
    With intensity, Ced Gee has got to be
    Schooling the wannabes, rappers who try to be
    Like me, C-E-D
    To flow on the mic and show no mercy
    I'm a champion, I'm undefeated
    My rep is strong, no hype is ever needed
    To grow and grow, to grow and grow
    To grow and grow, and grow and grow
    To grow and grow, and grow and grow
    Rap taller than Buckwheat's afro
    I'm a champion

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