Barbra Streisand Maybe Lyrics

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Maybe you wouldn't believe it
If only I change
You say I'm acting just like a kid

Well, maybe I'm doing
What I'm doing
'Cause I'd done what I did
When I was a kid

Maybe, maybe...
Maybe I'm fooling myself
More than anyone can
Maybe I will find another man

But how can I enjoy his touch
Knowing that I love you so much
Baby... baby, oh, baby
I could learn to love your mother

And your mother's sister
And if she visited all the relatives
I swear I'd miss her
And everyday before you go to work

I'd stop and kiss her
Maybe, maybe, maybe
Things would be better
If only a letter would come

Happiness is easier for some
I promise I will try to please you
Can't you see how much I need you, baby...
Baby if you want to hurt me

Laugh at me but don't desert me, baby...
Baby if you don' t believe me
Laugh at me but please don't leave me

Written by: Alberto Morina, Giulio Dercole, Harry Nilsson, Harry Edward Nilsson
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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