Lil' Wayne Lyrical Homicide Lyrics

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Game. (verse 1)-

public enemy numba 1 the flow is illegal
and these aint diesel or fuckin evisu
these is levi's....

Lil' Wayne (verse 2)-

Ima Murder Dis shit
Tell Dr.Dre The beat need Surgery Quick
Weezy From The Dirty South Ya The Dirtiest Bitch
But Im Clean Like A Virgin In Detergent And Shit, haa
I Walk Into The Record Store Drooling
Because Its Like A Super Market To Me
And As My Appetite Gets Bigger
I See You New Rappers And You Lookin Like Dinner
Lyrical Killer
I Kill At Will
And My Flow Keep Goin Even When The Beat Stand Still
How Real Is That?
Nigga Dats Foreal
Fuck Wit Me And You Pushin Up Daffodils
So Dont You Get This Rap Twisted
Fuck Around And Get Your Cap Twisted
Stop It Right There Rewind It Back And Listen
And You Are Just Another Victim..
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