Papoose Lyrical Gangsta Lyrics

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<Kendrick Lamar>

When I kick it, I kick it as if the beat was my enemy
You had thought it was 10 of me, on point like a widow's peak
I deliberately give em dealies that do what it do
Paint a picture like doodling, dude you ain't shit but doo doo
In the city where semis get pointed at them, him, and you
You can hadouken if you want to or do karate moves
But the crouching tiger just might get broken down by a writer
Yeah, the passenger hopped out, but you got shot by the driver
There's a killer like everywhere, so why would you take it there?
Neighborhood terrorist got the terrible-est people scared
That's why my intelligence tell me to keep a banger
Tell me "fuck you", I tell you fuck you back with my index finger
I could flip on some killer shit, but I'd rather keep cool
Keep a sober mind and try not to be a pussy like you
Nigga, that Kaliko and Tac, Cali on my back
Till my torso break, nigga this is where it's at
That's gangsta


I tote a Smith 'n', I'm so malicious
I blow ya wig n make em close the stitches
Hell's Kitchen, I'm thowin' dishes
This is spoken wisdom, as I journey a poet's mission
I'm uplifting, my flow is gifted - it should come with a bow and ribbon
On the road to riches, load the biscuits, let's go the distance
I'm blowin' listen, my car hot wired with a broke ignition
They so suspicious, low ambitions with no convictions
Jurors making their own decisions - they want us to go to prison
Call the drill n I got it sewn like a ????
So this spitten is like I'm coexistent through prohibition
I'm addressing critics who say these widow's the best to spit it
Disrespect the spirits of the artists who rap with lyrics
Mother F statistics - they rapping with metaphysics
And they get simplistic, their styles are repetitious
Show some recognition
Heard ya album, I'm pessimistic
Best that ever did it, Papoose is the definition

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