Durag Dynasty Luxury Whips Lyrics

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No, don’t waste no time, get in, let’s go

This is grass root, fast coup, luxury whip
McLaren glass root, smash food, slush as shit
Big body frame, wood grain slain, bull sister
Switch lanes big daddy caine, hoes trippin
Talk slick, deep dish kicks, we that criss move swift
See that bitch? That’s the spoiler kit glide like a getaway driver, doors suicide
Fast-food, French fry orders are now super-sized
Keep haters in the rearview, steer through rush hour
Road raids vehicles and the pigs too
Flip the suicide, passenger steep
Grab a fresh pack of backwoods and pick up some treat
To the lab where the kin must be at
Grab a new batch then back cutting corners, tryna hustle off a few packs
Yea, we do that

Alright, check this out bitch
I’ll take you to the promise land baby
Fuck with a real pimp tho
You know what I mean?
All the rest of them suckas, they don’t know what it take
I know how to make it
Ya know what I mean?
I ain’t tryna hold hands and kick cans bitch
I’m tryna get rich
Matter fact I ain’t tryin, they got it

Don icons, cables dookie, crowned him king, fill it off lean
Pinky ring gleaming like pimpin Snooky
My actions and ways remind of the days that was iller
Shadow fake waves, he came with some killers
La Familia mafia members that murder shit
Tortured niggas with fire
Pull off home invasions and tie you up
The hardest of the hardest get hit
Regardless I’m as loyal to the game as it gets
I did it for the soldiers,
This is house money material, Rolls Royce, chinchilla carpets
For kingpins only, my cocaine is Cheerios
The bitches know that we eat but hardly treat
My niggas don’t trick
Face lookin like you starving for dick
Got it locked though, gwapo like del taco
Smell the snatchos, rap extravagant colossal
Top hancho, about to drive Legua Capos
Presidential suite, poppin hoes, we on the top floor, we got dough

I understand what you think this is
But you fishin fo a wish
Well this ain’t the place to fish at, you heard?
Straight up money
Now we can do one or two things
We can talk about this money and we can get this money
Ya know what I mean?
Cuz yall listen
So stay down until you gotta come up
Ya know what I mean?
Got this, yea yea yea
Last time I meet you here
Alright alright so let’s go

Strategy, door mating Lee
Jackie Fit, batter up, anxiously tattered up
Basically splattered up, toe taggin blow laughin high
Like I had enough, problem shit was bad enough
Now I got my lenses up, shootin dice
With my chances of a Michael Jackson overdose, smoking on this purple ghost
Floss gracious, Las Vegas, double cross
Ditch gambling bitch, never lost,
Papers gets better with the rhymes, better with the 9 shinin
Fresh out the box with the percale in the linin, perfect timin
Short-circuit grindin, this ain’t a circus
Supplyin, it don’t serve a purpose, get yo purses
Uh, hearses bust the wood, private jets after the church service
Purchase fine garments from the silk merchants
Storm formin, brainstormin, Suzie on the bitches with money
Get applications for employment

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