George Hamilton Iv Lunch Time Lyrics

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Four years ago I was just
a hard workin' coal mining man.
I carried my lunch box to work every day.
And I carried it back home again.

One day down in shaft number nine,
I was diggin' that dirty black coal.
When my pick hit something and then I looked.
It was a vein of pure gold.

I dug out a good sized hunk,
lucky that I was alone.
For I put the gold in my own lunch box,
then I carried it home.

The nugget brought 4,000 clams.
So every day after lunch,
I took the box to my secret place,
and chipped out another hunk.

Well rour years ago I was just
a coal miner punchin' the clock.
But now I'm the owner and president.
Because of that little lunch box,
Because of that little lunch box.
Thanks to Jim Olson for submitting Lunch Time Lyrics.

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