Zebra Lullaby Lyrics

No Tellin’ Lies Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Wait Until the Summer’s Gone
  • 2 I Don’t Like It
  • 3 Bears
  • 4 I Don’t Care
  • 5 Lullaby
  • 6 No Tellin’ Lies
  • 7 Takin’ a Stance
  • 8 But No More
  • 9 Little Things
  • 10 Drive Me Crazy
  • You packed your bags, I heard you left last night
    You left a world of broken hearts
    You couldn't tell us why
    You only made us cry
    Like in '64
    The days are long the gloom is hid by night
    They make a point we can't deny
    The pain we can't conceal
    The feelings that we feel
    Those that never heal
    So here's a lullaby
    Close your eyes and sleep tonight
    So here's a lullaby
    Close your eyes and make us cry

    The world you dreamed
    We tried to make our lives
    You made a point we can't deny
    I know the dream was real
    The difference is feel
    How mysterious
    You stole the show, you know you played it right
    Way back in 1965
    Oh no, well well
    The truth was far from real
    Reality was feel
    Why not save a seal

    The days are long your tune is in the song
    Without your love along the way
    You said the things you know could make it right
    If we did'nt lose the way

    Written by: Howard M. Jackson, Johannes Brahms
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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