SPM feat. Rasheed Loyal Customers Lyrics

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This one goes out to all my fans
To all my….
Loyal Customers…
At the Dope House we got…
Loyal Customers
Uh…wreck em Sheedy

(SPM & Rasheed)
Nick sack pack a gat shoot em in the dome
Na dun shoot em there hit em in the back bone
Cause he picks and he whispers behind my back
Ey yo we got no mutha fuckin time for that
They intrigued by the way you cook yo dope
How come, there’s no cut so they hooked on Los
Not only in the free world but in the pen
You fuckin haters wanna hide while I count to ten
At the Dope House we blow out yo candles
Gum blast will knock yo ass out yo sandles
Don’t give a fuck and I live like a G
Homeboy we be the killas of the company

Loyal Customers
At the Dope House we got…
Loyal Customers
Uh So many

(SPM & Rasheed)
When I walk threw yo hood
I can see in the noche
I hear voices sayin that’s El Coyote
Philosophy a G livin quit simple
Blast upon instinct bust em in the temple
I’m a bad mutha fucka eat em up for suppa
Indo puffa brew chugga lugga
That needs buckle from tha heat of tha lead
Tonight you got engagements to meet with the dead
Don’t stop I’m not finished yet
Rasheed and SP out to get respect
Police and swat team done surround my house
Cause these funky cock bitches wanna run they mouths
Yo Los you know why we move from area to area
Why? Cause these streets wanna marry ya than bury ya
They watchin us close every move that we make
Cause tha mutha fuckin’ rap game is bout to get break


(SPM & Rasheed)
Now we in control flowin’ out my head
With three hundred pounds and a king size bed
Wont brag or boast but here’s a toast
To the whole world with they eye on the third coast
I feel like I gotta break these nigga’s off somethin’
Double pumpin’ off the body dumpin’
Movado on my wrist livin’ minute by minute
Ya bitch nigga’s need ta stop it how ya live it
Try ta murda me in tha first degree
University of eternity
But personally I celebrate our anniversary
Cause your blood in my trunk turned burgundy
Born like a soldier paid what I owed ya
Three hollow tips and a grenade in the sofa
Purple scultpa I’ma murda coach cha
Killa’s blowin Doja in tha dumble with my…


Me and Rasheed we got…
Peace to all my fans…
It’s all good baby…
You stay loyal to me…
I stay loyal to you…
Nothin’ but love…
You haters, I got love for you too…

Loyal Customers

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