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Ronan Keating Lyrics

We're loving each day as if it's the last
Dancing all night and havin' a blast
Oh baby I need you here

Girl I'm on a mission
To cure my condition
'cause' without your kissin'
My heart's just a prison
I'm hoping and wishin'
That girl I'm forgiven
Say yeah

'Cause every time you leave me I'm sad
The moment you're returning I'm glad
So lets not go forgetting what we had
'Cause it's bad
So damn bad, yeah

We're loving each day as if it's the last
Dancing all night and havin' a blast
Oh baby I want you right here next to me
We're loving each day as if it's our last
Dancing all night and havin' a laugh
Please baby I need you here

If I hurt your feelings
Then baby we're even
'Cause I've been bereavin'
Since you said you're leaving
But now you're by my side
Lets not fight
'Cause you're right

That every time I lose you
I'm lost
No more you versus me girl
There's just us

'Cause anything without you's
Just a bust
Baby trust
You're a must, yeah


So don't go throwing our love away
It's here to stay
I'm telling you
There is nothing that can stop us anyway
Our love is an ocean
Let's get it in motion


I need you here
I need you here
I need you here

'Cause we're loving, and we're dreaming, and we're hoping, and we're dreaming

'Cause we're loving, and we're giving, and we're hoping, and we're dreaming

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